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Cannabis-based medicines could soon be allowed in Japan

Cannabinoid products could soon be allowed in Japan, an Asian country known for its strict drug laws


Japan’s tough anti-cannabis laws have become a headache for doctors who need new treatment options for their patients. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has decided to allow cannabinoids as a therapeutic agent.

This was disclosed in a recent report which discusses the possibility that it may be allowed exclusively as a hospital medication possibly to treat discomforts such as refractory epilepsy or as an analgesic for cancer patients.

Drugs could be produced in Japan

The Ministry of Health of Japan has accepted the medicinal properties of such drugs, but it is possible that if production, consumption, or waste is enabled, laws may need to be changed first.

Absolutely, the consumption of this substance at a level outside the pharmacist is not legalized. However, it is not yet clear how this system would work. What can be inferred is that it may be the pharmaceutical companies of the Asian country who could start importing or producing this type of derivatives and then use them in hospitals.

Some analysts have claimed that in the face of legalization in different parts of the United States, the influence on young people could grow. To avoid this, it is envisaged that the authorities could toughen the penalties. However, experts have not been able to confirm that the drug represents a real danger in this group.





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