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Mexican legislators seek to include poor farmers in the cannabis industry


This week the Bill of the Law for cannabis legalization in Mexico was approved. The project of the law that was proposed by the senator now has the consent of several parties.

Starting next week, the Mexican Senate will decide on the details of the law that contemplates the sale, consumption, clubs, licensing, advertisement and Federal control that will be directed by the Mexican Cannabis Institute.

In this process, some deputies such as Miguel Ángel Mancera, Julio Menchaca or José Navarro have been emphatic in the need to include vulnerable groups in society.

The spirit of the law focuses on the intention of bringing “social peace” and “reducing the incidence of crime linked to drug trafficking.

“The legal regulation of the use of cannabis and its derivatives, under the approach of public health, human rights and sustainable development, in order to improve the living conditions of people living in the United Mexican States, combat the consequences of problematic use of cannabis and reducing the criminal incidence linked to drug trafficking, promoting peace, security and individual and community well-being.” says the introduction of the text.

The project of the law manages at the moment to integrate the participation of farmers who have been violently affected by drug trafficking attacks. Some cities that could benefit could be: Oaxaca and Guerrero. According to statistics about 30,000 people are engaged in this type of activities.

With the proposed bill, it is intended that there be a high participation of Mexicans in the industry.

How will the local industry work?

The “Cannabis Law” contemplates the issuance of licenses for that permit, in addition, it limits the possibility that large foreign capitals can maneuver to obtain large crops.

“I. Cultivation: includes the acquisition of seed or seedling, planting, cultivation, harvesting and preparation of cannabis; II. Transformation: includes the preparation, processing, manufacturing and production of cannabis; III. Sale: Includes distribution and sale to the public of psychoactive cannabis, its derivatives and products, and IV. The participation of foreign capital is limited to 20% of the share capital ”.

Although its discussion in the Senate Plenary could change some aspects, the current wording could compensate the damage to the populations most affected by the war on drugs.

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