Mexico approves bill on cannabis legalization and home cultivation of up to 8 plants

Mexican lawmakers against the narcos


With 82 votes in favor and 18 against 7 abstentions, the Senate of the Mexican Republic generally approved the opinion to decriminalize and regulate the personal use of cannabis throughout the States.

The federal law for the regulation of cannabis creates the Mexican Institute for its regulation and control. This institution will regulate the market for the cultivation, production of cannabis and its derivatives. They will issue 5 types of industry-related licenses.

Crop licenses of up to one hectare may be granted in favour of indigenous peoples and communities.

Legal possession will be up to 28 grams and up to 200 grams. It’ll be above that amount where he’d be punished with jail. The first foundations of the spirit of the law remained almost intact.

In addition, the home cultivation was expanded for a total of 8 psychoactive cannabis plants per person in the personal home, regardless of whether it is strictly medicinal use.

Fines will be made to users and if this is the case to associations where cultivation will be allowed. These groups must have no more than 20 people. Penalties will be from $250 to $13000.

“Today we have the opportunity to mark the turning point between the paradigm of prohibition on the one hand and the other, the paradigm of regulation to prosecute by law the sale and consumption of cannabis opening up a cluster of possibilities,” said Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Older people will be able to purchase psychoactive cannabis in authorized locations. The association figure will have to keep a minimum distance from any place where there may be an impact on third parties.

“They’ll open stores in the corner and yes, they’ll smoke in the parks, because they’ll just be fined, they don’t penalize up to 400 churros, they’re going to resell them to your kids,” said Bread lawmaker Damián Zepeda. However, it is not the opinion shared by all their peers.

This is one of the most important alternatives that have been carried out in Mexico, a country deeply hit by the violence and corruption generated by drug trafficking.

The ban has also imposed the wrong meaning of the word “drug”, as stronger “legal drugs” are sold every day than cannabis itself. This is what Deputy Raúl Alonzo Paz narrowed down.

“Using the language of legislating the drug market is an abuse of a word that we have demonized for many years: drugs exist many and several are legal. I firmly believe that we consume things that are more harmful and addictive than cannabis”

The law now passes to the Chamber of Deputies which have until December to legislate on this opinion.





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