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Mexico: cannabis will be legal in 2019



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The president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presented a bill in the Senate to legalize the consumption, production and distribution of cannabis with various uses.

Obrador who has a majority in Congress, expects that his party National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), have no major problems in passing the vote.

There has been talk of a possible approval during the month of December, but the experts consulted by MCN believe that it could be rather in mid-2019 when the model goes live.

The “General Law that Regulates and Controls the Use of Cannabis“, a text of more than 70 articles, will regulate the entire productive chain that will be audited, in accordance with international treaties, to the “Mexican Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis“, Body dependent on the Ministry of Health.

Among its proposals is the decriminalization of consumption and the carrying of between 30 and 40 grams of cannabis for personal use.

So, it was announced that the regulation of smoking in public places will be in accordance with the tobacco: you can smoke on the streets, except in smoke-free places. It will not be possible in closed places.

Criminal justice

Another of the high points of the debate, explained the future secretary of the Interior, is that the law proposes the release of thousands of young people who are imprisoned for possession of cannabis.

“It is a huge step. We want to move forward because it will be a great opportunity for pacification for the country, “he added,” We do not want more deaths, regardless of whether they are police, military, drug traffickers; we do not want more collateral victims, we do not want mourning families, we do not want more blood to soil our country when we could foresee it “.

The initiative raises the possibility of producing up to 480 grams per year and up to 20 plants that must be registered at the institute.

To prevent the substance from reaching the hands of minors, Article 10 prohibits the “trade, distribution, donation, gift, sale and supply of cannabis products for adult use to minors, as well as employ minors in activities of commerce, distribution, donation, gift, sale and supply of cannabis products “.

Canadian visit

A few weeks ago, Marcelo Erbrard, who will be from December 1 as chancellor of López Obrador, visited Canada with the objective of knowing first hand the details of the recent law that came into force in that country.

International media reported that Erbrard met with his counterpart in Ottawa, Christya Freeland and the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

One of the most analyzed reasons is the release of more than 9000 prisoners for simple possession, an issue that concerns the Mexican authorities and has had an impact on the laws in North America. Especially, with minorities and people of African descent.

The future chancellor has joined with his government to reject the ban imposed from Washington.

For their part, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Movimiento Ciudadano, also presented proposals from their benches.

Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the Morena caucus and president of the Political Coordination Board indicated that they are also studying the tax model of countries like Canada where they vary between 8 and 15%.

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