Minister of Agriculture: “Hemp will be a priority”

New Minister Assigned, Laura Bonilla, Sees Great Potential in Hemp to Generate Jobs

The new minister of agriculture, Laura Bonilla, assures that the Ministry of Agriculture will give priority to promoting hemp as a “star and winning product”.

The hierarch assured that this is one of the issues with the greatest importance for her institution . In Costa Rica, a law has just been passed to market and produce cannabis-based products on local soil for both medicinal and industrial use.

Bonilla, a member of the National Liberation Party and president of the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (Cadexco), commented that in her visits to the countries of Europe she could see many products with great value and potential for trade.

“I found stores in European countries, cosmetic products, food, shampoo, creams. Costa Rica has a great opportunity to make them and give added value to hemp products; it’s going to be a priority on the agenda,” he said local newspaper La Nación.

Different compounds can be extracted from hemp such as cannabidiol (CBD), an antioxidant that in Costa Rica has been approved as a supplement to the diet beneficial to health. Also, from this crop you can work the fiber, grain, and leaves.

With this they can be done from construction, biofuels, bioplastics among others. But also, the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from cosmetics, beauty products, beverages among others.

Already the Agriculture Department has implemented different projects of this type in recent years However, legislation was one of the most important obstacles to development. The goverment hopes that with the new law things can walk more simply.

“That we have to do it, that we are going, we are going, because we need to reactivate this country and generate employment. That would be a new product,” she said.


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