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Ministry of Health in front of a historical opportunity: To Lead the National Dialogue on Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is Health and Wellness!


Medical Cannabis is Health and Wellness! This simple premise is what has led us as an organization to develop spaces for information, training and dissemination of the possible benefits that medical cannabis would have in Costa Rica. And we are not alone!

Throughout the national territory, dozens of organizations have carried out communal, institutional and even judicial struggles to allow the self-cultivation, sowing and even importation products derived from medical cannabis to people who require it. That’s what these years of struggle have been for!

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All the organizations and people that participate in this process work for Isabella, that girl who this morning did not have seizures caused by epilepsy because she consumes cannabis medicine in oils.

We think and act for José, a father who managed to resist the fight against prostate cancer without pain thanks to the medication of cannabis. We think and act for Gabriela, a worker who has overcome insomnia thanks to cannabis medication.

There are not 3 or 300, there are thousands of Costa Ricans who have improved their quality of life through treatments that use this new treatment. And it could be tens or hundreds of thousands of compatriots!

It could be you, your parents, your children and even your neighbors. But not only benefits the patient, with this medical alternative benefit the family and all people who for love want to avoid suffering another human being.

Those thousands of Costa Ricans could have that alternative of medication today to improve their condition of health and general well-being. They could have it, but it is not like that. Moral prejudices, normative systems sustained by these prejudices and a fear of change maintain limitations on access to medical cannabis.

But the prohibition is not against cannabis, what is really forbidden is a cure, an improvement in the well-being of patients with chronic pains or terminal illnesses, they prohibit access to health!

Therefore, today the Ministry of Health has the historic opportunity to lead with intelligence, empathy and coherence with its mission; the national dialogue on medicinal cannabis. Our country requires new types of safe treatments and non-stigmatizing treatment of people who produce medicine with cannabis.

To achieve these results, a dialogue is needed. A regulation that includes all social voices and that does not privatize the knowledge and benefits of Medicinal Cannabis through legal contraptions such as patents.

Regular is not only a matter of providing access to a plant that has been persecuted for more than a century, it also means including those who, from the underground, have put the issue on the table and have room for potential patients.

Opening the doors to dialogue means thinking about the times that the police have destroyed the lives of people who wanted to talk about the issue freely, or those who now have a better quality of life thanks to natural medicine.

That dialogue can and must be done by the Ministry of Health! A dialogue that goes beyond medical cannabis, is a dialogue for Public Health, alternative patient care and the use of a drug whose advantages have been amply demonstrated by the scientific and medical community internationally.

For all the above, at MCN we respectfully open the doors of dialogue with officials of the Ministry of Health, Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities, social groups, patients and anyone interested to integrate a National Dialogue Table on Medicinal Cannabis in Costa Rica.

The benefit to thousands of patients, their families and the public health system is sufficient reason to initiate this effort. We are willing. The question is, is the Ministry of Health and its officials?





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