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Most patients use cannabis to reduce chronic pain in the US

60% of patients using medicinal cannabis use it to relieve chronic pain.


In the United States, 60% of patients using medicinal cannabis use it to relieve chronic pain, according to an analysis of data on medicinal cannabis license holders in 20 states.

The article that was published in Health Affairs (and that you can read here) was published at the beginning of February by scientists of the Center of Research of the Chronic Pain and the Fatigue of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (the USA).

The main objective of this investigation was to define the reasons why people resort to medical cannabis in states where access is legal.

“We did this study because we wanted to understand the reasons why people use cannabis for medical purposes and if those reasons are based on the evidence,” said Kevin Boehnke, one of the researchers, in a press release.

The premises of analysis start from the fact that although chronic use has been the most sought by these people, the effectiveness in each case has varied in different investigations.

“Chronic pain is currently and historically the main reason reported by medical cannabis patients (64.4% in 2016). Of those conditions, 85.5% proved therapeutic efficacy “

The researchers compared the prevalence data of uses with a report recently published by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

“Since the use of medical cannabis continues to increase, creating a national registry of patients will facilitate a better understanding of the trends in use and its potential effectiveness,” the study said.

More than 60% of the patients reviewed in the database said they sought relief for chronic “evidence-based” involvement, including pain, nausea and side effects of chemotherapy.

You can read the research on this link:

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