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Netflix documentary shows how cannabis reduces cancer tumors

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A documentary called “Weed the People” came out with only one reason: to show that cannabis extracts can be a viable medicine for billions of people suffering with cancer around the world.

The audiovisual piece directed by Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake shows the growing tension between the medicinal cannabis industry and the current federal ban that doesn’t allow scientists to investigate in depth the effects of this plant to provide better health solutions.

For 6 years, the products closely followed at least 8 testimonials especially from patients diagnosed with cancer. Most of them survivors in 2019. The film takes the viewer into the intimate story of each family and their daily struggle against cancer.

“Weed The People” questions: If medical cannabis truly saves lives, why do not governments want to give us access?

A life or death decision

For each of the parents, cannabis was the last option. They not only had to fight against their own stigma but also against the difficulties of a product that is treated without the corresponding medical regulations.

The patients came to the Aunt Zelda’s company, led by Mara Gordon and her husband. They experienced first-hand the benefits of cannabis against spinal pain.

Besides Gordon, the film gives us first-hand information with the cannabis father Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist who is credited with discovering the first therapeutic values ​​of the plant, as well as; Dr. Bonni Goldstein, founder of Canna-Centers in Los Angeles and other important personalities.

“Just as parents decide to choose how they bring their children into the world, we all have the right to access potentially natural healing medicines,” said Director Epstein.

You can watch the documentary on Netflix or at the following link:

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