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Taboga and Zegreenlab officially plant the first hemp seeds in Costa Rica

An alliance between both companies managed the registration and planting of the first seeds in Guanacaste

Low-THC cannabis flowers are now legally sold in Costa Rica

Consumers can now buy legal cannabis flowers with no THC

Scientist and father of THC, Raphael Mechoulam dies at 92

El científico que cambió para siempre la historia del cannabis ha muerto.

Spain: Ministry of Health begins drafting medical cannabis law

Medical Cannabis is finally moving forward in Spain

Surveys: For the First Time, Americans Use More Cannabis Than Tobacco

Cannabis has displaced tobacco in the US

Costa Rica: Ministry of Agriculture already receives applications for hemp cultivation through specialized unit

1. MAG announced the operation of a window specialized in hemp and cannabis procedures

Colombia authorizes the export of cannabis flowers for medicinal use

Colombia to export medical-grade cannabis flower thanks to presidential decree

Costa Rica proposes to legalize the sale of cannabis for adult use

The President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves, signed the bill of the “Control and Regulation of Cannabis for Recreational Use”.

Zimbabwe allows the medicinal use of cannabis

For the first time, the use of CBD in medicines is allowed in Zimbabwe.

Cannabis Brand “CuraLeaf” forced to take hundreds of products off the market for false information on labels

The reason for the complaint is that the same wet sample can have 20% THC, while, dry, the same sample can be up to 37%.

President Chaves signed industrial hemp regulations and opens the door to medicinal and therapeutic cannabis

– Rodrigo Chaves approves industrial hemp regulation in Costa Rica

FDA endorses clinical trials with CBD to treat fentanyl addiction

In the United States, more than 70% of overdose deaths involve an opioid