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Paraguay issues first licenses to produce medical cannabis


The Paraguayan authorities granted for the first time in history licenses to produce medical cannabis legally and controlled by the State.

In an inter-institutional work, the government through the ministry of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD), Arnaldo Giuzzio, announced that it would grant at least 5 licenses to producers who meet the requirements.

The first step will be the granting of licenses for seeds, because according to the authorities, there is still no stable genetics in the country for the government needs. 

Among the requirements are: transport plan, certificate of good practices, export plan, industrialization and final disposal of the product.

By law, companies must donate 2% of their production to the Ministry of Health.

“Law 6007/17 contemplates the obligation of companies to donate 2% of their production to the Ministry of Health to be processed and delivered free of charge to people who are treated with this medicine.” Giuzzio said.

Photo: Remedy Pics





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