Patients teach other how to make cannabis oil to improve their health

A year ago, Hazel a 58 years art teacher, never imagined attending a workshop where they taught about the medicinal use of cannabis.


A year ago, Hazel a 58 years art teacher, never imagined attending a workshop where they taught about the medicinal use of cannabis.

She could not be in favor of something, which in her prejudgement, as she acknowledges, “had caused strong addictions to one of her relatives”.

However, when her daughter began to develop multiple sclerosis, things changed.

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“A month ago my 15-year-old daughter was laying in bed because of the pain. Now, she’s able move her fingers that were numb with just a few drops in the morning,” she says.

For her to have this opportunity, groups of patients are advocated to teach and educate others.

Costa Rica Cultiva, a non profit organization community, which already has more than 200 active members, is one of them. They work organizing private workshops so that more people have the improvement they had when using medical cannabis for the first time in their lives.

This weekend Marielos Blanco and Argery Herrera taught again to a group of more than 30 people how to make an effective homemade extraction, that is helping thousands of people in the country in thanks to the access of personal cultivation.

They too were suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain, but as a result of their improvement, they’re now they teaching other people.

“This plant is what it’s going to make a change in your life starting today.” said Marielos in the workshop.

During the 4 hours, each of them were able to receive a bottle that will relieve their ailments for approximately one month. After that, they will have their own plant to supply them self independently.

These are the foundations of the movement.

“Volunteer work supports any society. People donating their resources and their time to help those who come. For my criteria it is something more spiritual growth that makes us better human beings. We are evolving as a group, “says Hazel.

Patients first

If we study the legalization of medical cannabis in Latin America, we will be sadly surprised that patients have been left behind.

Once the politicians enter into collusion with the companies, they prohibit the self-cultivation and require the patients to buy the medicine. This has happened in Panama, Ecuador, Peru. In countries like Chile or Argentina people are been incarcerated for carrying out this activity.

For better or for worse, the time that Costa Rica has taken to find a regulation that fits its reality has led to the continuous development of this right.

Unlike the vast majority of countries -except Uruguay and Colombia where it is legal-, in Costa Rica, cultivation for medical purposes is not considered a crime according to the official documento 00481-2018 of the Sala III.

Therefore, various organizations such as Awa Growers, CRC and Costa Rica Alchemy, with the intention of doing social good, have joined the education process to change the paradigm.

In every corner of the country, someone is suffering from some disease that can be treated with cannabinoids.

In the workshop this weekend there were serious cases of people with cancer, multiple rheumatoid pains, epilepsy, insomnia, parkinson and others deseases. Most of them woke up today without pain or without seizures.

“Most people only use it to smoke, but in my case for seizures, it’s the best medicine I have found,” said Joaquina Arce, 63.

She is now happy because her daughter no longer has to get cannabidiol (CBD) in the United States.

“Thank God there is now someone who can help me in this country.”

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