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President Chaves signed industrial hemp regulations and opens the door to medicinal and therapeutic cannabis

- Rodrigo Chaves approves industrial hemp regulation in Costa Rica


The president of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, signed on September 7, 2022 the regulation “use of industrial hemp”.

It should be remembered that on August 24, the president announced the public consultation of the regulation, since the previous legislative administration approved the law on industrial and food hemp.

In addition, Chaves stressed his commitment to simplifying procedures and opening markets, stating that: “We will not encourage or allow the creation of monopolies of any kind around hemp production.”

“Long live the competition and opportunity for farmers and investors who want to participate,” Chaves continued.

In his speech during the government assembly, he emphasized the great business that hemp represents globally, being an industry that, according to the president, generates about $60 billion dollars a year and expects Costa Rica to integrate into that market.

“There will be no selling licenses or being charged for licenses, as some people thought. We are going to let people who wish to work their land do so by means of an ordinary authorization… The regulation of industrial hemp is signed at this time. Total openness with minimum requirements, without monopolies.” The Costa Rican President Says,

As part of the measures that were announced, it also highlights that the regulations for cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes will be sent for consultation, this would be a new step for Costa Rica in terms of legalization and use of cannabis, since this part of the law was vetoed by former President Carlos Alvarado.

On January 13 of this year, the Legislative Assembly (previous administration) approved the law of legalization of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp, however, it was partially vetoed on January 27 by Carlos Alvarado.

This veto specifically referred to the possibility of self-cultivation of hemp without government authorization and the domestic self-cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. After the correction of these articles, the law by the legislature was signed by the executive, but the approval of the regulations was pending.

Currently the Chaves Robles administration is taking over the task that the previous president did not perform, who promised to leave the regulation ready before the end of his term in power.





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