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Procomer study shows potential for CBD and hemp products in Costa Rica

Industrial hemp has been chosen for its great export capacity.


Costa Rican authorities are on the quest for new agricultural technologies that could help the country’s development. Industrial hemp has been chosen for its great export capacity.

The Promoter of Foreign Trade (PROCOMER)  presented in the study  Characterization of alternatives for international marketing of industrial hemp,the category of by-products. These include lotions, bioplastics, fiber for sustainable construction, nutritional supplements, soaps, cosmetics, textiles, and food.

Market analysis provides great opportunities. However, the country currently lacks clear regulations and identification of new categories that specific to these products. Procomer emphasized the need to establish clarity in the rules for local product registration. These include traceability, Tetrahydrocannabinol levels (THC, psychoactive component present in hemp) and labelling.

The component known as cannabidiol (CBD) has great potential for its possibility to be used in a wide variety of products such as nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and beverages.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) in September, its agronomy is in the period of identification of the seeds according to the climates with which you can define those that best environment to the local soil. 

Once the agricultural base of hemp is defined, the country could take advantage of its fibers, leaves and seeds for the construction industry, bioplastics, textiles, and vegetable oils. There is also space for the development of dairy, soaps, and personal care items.

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