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Research: cannabis improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells


A new study conducted by the Hebrew University and published the previous month in Frontiers in Pharmacology Journal found that combining cannabis with chemotherapy allows the component to enter directly into cancer cells and thus improve its effectiveness and reduce side effects.

Researchers have developed a new method to inject chemotherapy drugs directly into cancer cells through small channels called TRP.

Previously, the researchers found that this method allows them to inject several other different types of drugs directly into the malignant cells.

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The great benefit of this new method is significant. By injecting this drug into cancer cells it prevents healthy cells from damaging side effects to the patient and there is a greater increase in the effectiveness of the treatment.

CBD improves the penetration of chemotherapy treatment in cancer cells

The Israeli researchers found that cannabidiol (CBD), the main component of cannabis, has the ability to activate the protein called TRPV2 and its activation opens the TRP channels in cancer cells located in the kidneys, thus allowing the treatment known as doxorubicin to enter in a more effective way.

In other words, CBD allows chemotherapy to be injected directly into and out of cancer cells preventing damage to healthy cells around.

“We show that the combination of CBD with a baby cough that activates the TRP channels and in conjunction with doxorubicin has a significant affective outcome compared to the exposure of doxorubicin alone,” concludes the academic article.

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