Rheumatoid arthritis patients prefer medicinal cannabis to other medicines

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A study published in the journal Pain Medicine News showed that the use of medical cannabis is becoming dramatically popular among patients suffering from rheumatic diseases. Among these diseases: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and others

The scientist at CreakyJoints, a research organization, surveyed 1,056 adults of age 57 with rheumatic diseases. 

The research sought to measure the attitudes and perceptions of patients using cannabis-based products.

Among the results, they found that 37% of respondents had tried cannabis at some time in their life, and 93% were recurrent users.

Legality and illegality was a determining factor in the amount of use of medical cannabis in patients. Among the majority of users, 77% live in places where the substance is legal, and the remaining 63%, 40% reside in places where it is illegal.

This fact has an impact on patients’ access to medicine.

“Our study shows that people with arthritis are trying and using cannabis on a regular basis for their perception of medicinal use, beyond the legality and evidence that proves its effectiveness as a complementary treatment,” said Dr. Nowell, also added that “many individuals refuse to inform their doctor about their use.”

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