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Snoop Dog’s Blunt Roller gets a raise

Snoop Dogg pays good money to his professional roller


Did you know that Snoop Dog doesn’t roll his own joints? Well, we didn’t. This month the news about that the famous American rapper roller getting a raised went public and it’s due the current economical inflation.

According to Snoop’s comments, his employee earns between $40,000 and $50,000,000 a year.

“Because of inflation, his salary went up.”

In later statements Snoop revealed that the only occupation of this employee is to make him “blunts”, or cigars wrapped in tobacco leaves, whenever he wants.

“On his CV he says it’s a PBR, ‘Professional Blunt Roller,” Snoop said.

In addition to his impeccable time to know when his boss wants to smoke, he can also, and enjoy in addition to all the benefits that artists have during the tour.

“Everything they give me for free, so does he,” Snoop Dogg said.





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