South Korea legalizes the use and production of medicinal cannabis

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South Korea has become the first East Asian country to legalize medical cannabis.

The National Assembly voted after several drafts, an act on the use of narcotic drugs in which the prescription of products of this type will be allowed.

Despite this, access will be highly restricted, but the law passed by the central government has addressed the issue of access to hemp so it is expected that cannabidiol products (CBD), possibly extracted from hemp, can be incorporated into the therapeutic treatments. , and in the future products with low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This is recorded in the government minutes.

“Hemp has been recognized in the past as a hallucinogenic substance and has been allowed to be studied only in academic circles. However, recently, it has shown benefits in the treatment of some diseases. “

Before the scientific studies, the plan approved by the government considers that it is not reasonable to block the evidence of efficacy that is known to date.

“We are going to allow cannabis for medicinal use with the aim of guaranteeing the rights and therapeutic opportunities for patients who currently use it.”

According to the law, patients can access medicines through the Korean Pharmacological Center, and this governmental structure will be responsible for providing national access to what are considered “rare medicines” in the approved project.

The discussion came to an end after the law faced the biggest hurdle in July when it gained support from the health minister, who in turn said it would allow the import of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals such as Epidiolex, Marinal, Sativex.

The previous week, with the law, it was announced that the National Assembly has the objective of expanding access to new pathologies for patients with a medical prescription.

This fact could change the perception within the most conservative Asian countries and their prohibitionist influence within the United Nations.

Other countries have already joined Israel, as the first in Asia to provide access, including Thailand and Malaysia.

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