Spain: Ministry of Health begins drafting medical cannabis law

Medical Cannabis is finally moving forward in Spain


The Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) announced that it is working hard to meet the time established to establish the necessary regulations to enable cannabis-based medicines on Spanish soil.

In June 2022, Congress approved a text of law that finally authorizes the legal sales of cannabis with a health control.

The proposal will support with this type of cannabinoid-based products to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, nausea, chemotherapy, endometriosis and others.

“The AEMPS is currently working to fulfill, within the established deadline, the task entrusted in the aforementioned report. To this end, it is developing a roadmap for the appropriate regulatory fit and viability of these recommendations, guaranteeing the quality of these products (extracts or standardized preparations of cannabis), so that their use contributes to the health of patients who may need them and to the protection of public health” says a government statement.

Although the deadline expired this December, the representatives of the AEMPS have not finished complying with the wording of said regulation. There are still some doubts about the extracts, flowers and how they will be approved, according to local media.

Although this aspect is not clear, at least 20 licenses have been authorized for the research, production, and development of this type of formulations with medicinal character.

To this moment, it has not been informed about the regulation on its official website.




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