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Study: Cannabis Extracts Improves Brain Health in Adults

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Study: Cannabis Extracts Improves Brain Health in Adults

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Cannabis does not reduce cognitive function in older adults, rather it improves brain health.

A scientific study conducted by the School of Public Health of the University of  Haifa, in Israel concluded the use of cannabis in older adults means the improvement of their health.

Scientists in Israel wanted to compare in one analysis group the results of other previous studies that have found neuroprotective effects on different cannabinoids.

“Limited evidence on this important topic shows that use at all ages is not related to poor cognitive performance as is negatively given in adolescence, this does not translate into its neuroprotective effects of various cannabinoids in older adulthood. Solid conclusions cannot yet be drawn due to the lack of robust methodological research designs,” the study says.

The authors reviewed the available scientific evidence on the tests conducted on animals and humans. The conclusions lead them to emphasize the use in a young people versus use in advanced ages. Inaddition, it also points out to the lack of study in this two groups of people.

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