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Study: cannabis is highly effective for endometriosis control

The authors describe that "women who use cannabis claim to obtain greater self-evaluated efficacy".


Researchers from the Western Sydney University Institute in Australia concluded that cannabis was an effective treatment in reducing pain in 484 women with endometriosis.

The data that have been published in the medical journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine were collected through surveys of women between 18 and 45 years old. Each of them underwent virtually the request of their confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis between October and December 2017.

The survey also covered the types of self-management for the pain used, if they had improved their symptoms, their safety and if they had reduced the medication.

To reach the conclusion, 484 responses were received and validated by the medical researchers.

The personal strategies used are summarized as practices in improving health through lifestyle. 76% of the women studied carried out similar practices.

“The most common forms were heat (70%), rest (68%), meditation or breathing exercises (47%). Cannabis, heat, hemp / CBD oil and changes in diet reported effectiveness in reducing pain, “says the study.

To verify effectiveness, they used a scale, which means “an effectiveness of 7.6, 6.52, 6.33, and 6.39, respectively, on a scale of 10”.

“Physical interventions such as yoga / pilates, stretching and exercises were rated as less effective. Other events were common, especially using alcohol (53.8%) and exercise (34.2%).

The authors describe that “women who use cannabis claim to obtain greater self-evaluated efficacy“.

You can read the full study here:

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