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Study: CBD is a good treatment for PMS syndrome

CBD for menstrual cramps: Can it help with menstrual pain?


Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts have different uses and one of the best known is to treat pain relief, antioxidation and anxiety. There is currently different research underway on the analgesic effects, but during the last women of all ages they have realized that the use of extracts rich in cannabinoids either THC or CBD, is generating a positive effect during the menstrual period.

Different research on this topic has also concluded that this alternative can be effective in dealing with menstrual cramps, cramps, or symptom relief in general.

Research in 2020 concluded that most of the studies where this topic has been analyzed have been used in study groups to people who use products likely with complete extracts of THC and CBD. Other research in 2019 looked at the behavior of CBD extracts in groups of women.

This time if important changes were seen in women with endometriosis, for example, in pain relief with other remedies. However, it also makes no distinction in the cannabinoids used. What we do know is that research is effectively shedding different light on relative effectiveness in the population group.

A study published in 2019 concluded that this is a viable alternative for the treatment of these symptoms.

“The results of this review show an improvement in discomfort such as headaches, emotional and mental symptoms, as well as pain. It is concluded that CBD is an alternative treatment option for menstrual symptoms. We found limitations that quality research is poor. Further studies on the use of CBD to treat PMS symptoms and possible side effects are warranted,” the research concludes.

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