Study: high cannabis in THC reduced chronic pain in patients with fibromyalgia



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  • Three different pharmaceutical grade cannabis genetics were effective in reducing pain in a controlled experimental study.


In a study conducted by researchers at the Medical Center of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and the pharmaceutical Bedrocan, patients with fibromyalgia experienced improvements in the supply of medicinal cannabis high THC and low in CBD.

The study has just been published in the Journal of Pain, a leading American medical journal.

In 4 different occasions, 20 patients with fibromyalgia received a Bedrocan variety with 22 mg of THC and 18 mg of CBD, Bediol with 13 mg of CBD and Bedrolite with 18 mg of CBD or a placebo.

Similarly, inhaled CBD increased plasma concentrations in THC but decreased its analgesic effects.

The results highlight that 30% of pain levels decreased with Bediol, compared with placebo.

Similarly, the two varieties with THC caused a significant increase in pain threshold relative to placebo.

“This experimental clinical trial shows the complex behavior of inhaled cannabinoids in patients with chronic pain and small analgesic effects after inhalation.”

The operations manager at Bedrocan, Tjalling Erkelens, was happy for the patients.

“The result is very important for patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Now we have clinical evidence that doctors can consult to prescribe. It’s what insurance companies want. “

Professor Dahan, the principal investigator, said the findings show that CBD was not as effective in relieving muscle pain as THC did.

“Fibromyalgia patients experience pain in the muscles and tendons especially. Because Bediol and Bedrocan showed good results and the CBD Bedrolite product did not do it at all, it means that especially THC is effective for this specific condition. “

The next step of the investigation, according to the researchers, requires to determine if this relief can be reproduced in the long term with the patients.

“The next study will be at the patients’ home. I want to investigate if THC can be used as a replacement for opiates. Many people use and abuse them, for example oxycodone. We believe that much oxycodone should not be prescribed if the use of THC in patients is also allowed, “said Professor Dahan.

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