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Supreme Court Allows the import of cannabis seeds in Mexico



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The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation of Mexico (SCJN) granted the fourth protection for a group of four persons.

Yesterday, Zara Snapp Hartman, Maria Teresa Cecilia, Autrique Escobar and Fernando Ramos Casas, were granted permission to acquire and import seeds for sowing and harvesting cannabis. It was noted that the use of this planting is medicinal, which motivated the ministers to grant the “amparos” (law requests in the Supreme Court). It is worth mentioning that the four people had previously processed an amparo to be able to consume cannabis.

This protection forced the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risk (Cofepris) to deliver special permits for the acquisition or transfer of seeds, which mark the first step in the legal way to use them with suppliers and distributors.


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The General Health Law has a delay of six months regarding the issue of who will be able to use the seed and how, since permits are needed to commercialize and distribute it, and also those who will be able to buy or plant, which brands will be regulated by Cofepris and who exactly will be the sellers.

Next steps

Currently, there are only 7 people protected to use cannabis in a medicinal way, and they have a request from approximately 400 people who are still waiting for their cases to be treated. All waiting for Cofepris and the Current Government to dictate their regulations in the General Health Law, since these rules dictate the way in which the process will take place in the future.

In the same way, with this protection the SCJN asks and requires the Congress to review the case more in depth, perhaps opening the way so that the rest of the 400 people who have filed an amparo before Cofepris resolve their legal dispute.

The resolution of the aforementioned issues will be pending and we hope that it will be resolved before the six-year change.


Without counting the “amparos”, within the General Health Law that is being reviewed, it is allowed to carry drugs in quantities known colloquially as “personal use”, and in article 479 stipulates that you can carry only 5 grams of cannabis, law that the police separate within their “inquiries” since the Secretary of the Interior, Osorio Chong has mentioned on several occasions that the percentage of people imprisoned for amounts less than 500 pesos is 43% and that the narco must be persecuted, to customers.

The legislative processes carried out will help to stop criminalizing the consumer, and to stigmatize cannabis as part of illicit substances with chemical compounds substantially different from cannabis.


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