Survey: Patients say CBD helps them reduce pain

Most participants – 59% – said these products helped them with pain


A group of patients in an observational study claims that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic compound of cannabis, is a successful option as an alternative treatment for pain.

These patients also reported using it for a significant number of different conditions.

Researchers at a clinic in Southern California, United States, recruited 253 patients with severe pain. The patients were around 45 years old, most of whom were white people with an approximate income of $20,000 a month. Some patients reported using products with CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

“Interest in CBD has grown among different patients who use it personally for nutrition or conditions.  However, there is limited information on its scope. The aim of this study is to learn about participants’ attitudes and opinions about these products,” the study says.

Most participants – 59% – said these products helped them with pain, as well as, to reduce the use of pain medications, including opioids. 65% reported that CBD treatment is a good option, is not harmful and is not addictive.

“In summary, most participants expressed a positive attitude about CBD as a treatment option, positive results were reported when used for different conditions, and would prefer to get information about CBD from their doctors,” the research concludes.

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