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Technology in the green industry: The end of the joint?



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* The cannabis industry has opted for technology to reduce the stigma that smoking has, and it is working.

Who would believe that the smoking of cannabis was going out of fashion and that the technological revolution would contribute to change the perception that the most conservative groups have about cannabis users.

In today’s world, everyone wants to inhale concentrates. It is no longer necessary to look for hidden places or dangerous zones, now it is enough to have a electronic battery to get high in a subtle, medicinal and effective way.

Never before in history people had so many ways of consuming cannabis as today. People are extracting it, vaporizing, cooking, preparing in tinctures for topical or sublingual uses, all this intruded within a culture that sells the high class, the well-being , organic life, therapeutic medicine and peace of mind.

After the legalization in the United States, companies have opted to reconstruct the precepts on cannabis consumption and take advantage of technology. This type of decision has rethought the opinion of the “classic stoner” for the one of “consume for well-being”, which has created a new apogee in the industry.

The joint besides being stinky for many people, requires practice, time and paraphernalia. Why should I roll joints when I have a portable vaporizer or pen? The companies realized that paradoxically, the smoke seemed to be holding back the bonanza of the industry.

But in addition to this, the incursion of laboratories with their new extraction methods has led to a more widespread type of sale. The drug of the future can treat moods, calm anxiety, daily stress, relieve pain and, above all, improve nutrition, creativity, sleep and exercise.

All this through the intake of products with combinations of natural flavors, rigorous testing and high quality. This  may sound like  sweet dream of opium, but it is happening.

A market study by the company Eaze in California, determined that while consuming the cannabis flower was the trend in 2014, today it accounts for just less than a third of its sales. On the other hand, the preferred route for users of the home delivery application in 2017 was cartridges with oil to burn at low temperatures.

The director of Eaze, Jim Patterson, said that “to many users, smoking simply seems harmful to them” and this eternal dilemma of combustion in smoking seems to be finally solved now by the companies.

Vaporizing cartridge represents the antagonistic to the classic joint; the steam is lighter, it is easy to transport, the range of flavors is vast and of course, its easy operation: just press a button to medicate in seconds, discreet and easy to disguise (in case you have to).

This new market niche is also made up of adult groups that until a few years ago were against legalization. Now, they seem to be the most benefited.

The industry in the United States expects sales of 10 billion dollars by 2018, according to ArcView data. With the coming into force of the law in California marijuana begins to be listed as red wine with projections of reaching profits of up to 21,000 million by 2021.

The Latin American market is also being impacted by the new wave. However, there is still no clear information on how the international trend will impact the behavior of users and their consumption trends in places where the sale is still clandestine or punishable by jail.

In the new era of legalization, it seems that all the population, seems to be accepting more and more the once “stoner drug”, consumed more and more to alleviate the burdens of modern life.

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