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Low-THC cannabis flowers are now legally sold in Costa Rica

Consumers can now buy legal cannabis flowers with no THC


Low THC cannabis flowers are now available for legal sale in Costa Rica, opening the doors to a new industry in the Central American country.

Even though the sale of High THC cannabis flowers remains illegal in Costa Rica, the sale of flowers with low THC content and high CBD content is legal under formal registration with the State, since it has no psychoactive effects and is part of the legal framework decreed in the “Law of Cannabis for Medicinal and Therapeutic Use and Hemp for Food and Industrial Use” approved in 2022.

The representatives of the Association of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers of Cannabis and Medicinal Hemp of Costa Rica (AsoCanna) are the first to obtain this permit to market in their stores called “We Cann Organic Shop”, a specialized dispensary-style place, where different legal products with cannabidiol (CBD) are also marketed.

“First of all grateful to God that this project is his, but for Costa Ricans and for young Costa Ricans. It has been a very strong and constant struggle, but at last, we are already on the road to help many users to be able to consume good, effective, and quality products”, Juan Anchia, one of the directors of the Association.

The representatives of this company imported from Switzerland different genetics such as Harley Quin, Amnesia, Blueberry Cookies, Mango Haze, and Strawberry, among others. All passed the required police controls and carried out under the cannabinoid analysis schemes where it was confirmed that they did not have amounts greater than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in accordance with Costa Rican law.

“This is the first step, the idea is to generate the platform for Costa Rican products and growers in the near future,” said Kenneth Portilla of Asocanna.

The sale of CBD flowers in Costa Rica has been well received by consumers and industry participants, as it offers an important opportunity for local growth and for small businesses that have emerged in the wake of the passage of the law or regulation of CBD products.

Consumers now have the option of buying cannabis flowers and products on sites controlled by experts with quality products as is done in others in places like the United States or Europe.

This also means that consumers can be sure that they are buying quality products with certificates of origin and endorsed by the health system. This represents a major change and offers safe access opportunities for people seeking these products for health reasons.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plant that has been used in treatments of various diseases, from chronic pain to epilepsy. Almost two years ago, CBD products were legally marketed in pharmacies, macrobiotics, and stores across the country.

In its short duration so far, the hemp industry has had a positive impact on the Costa Rican economy. El cultivo y la venta de cáñamo ya han creado empleos y fomenta el crecimiento económico, mientras que la producción de productos derivados del cáñamo puede proporcionar una fuente de ingresos para los agricultores y productores locales.




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