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The Ministry of Health of Paraguay plans to grant licenses to grow medicinal cannabis to 5 companies

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The National Anti-drug Secretariat reported on Monday that the requirements for the government to grant licenses to cultivate 5 companies are about to be finalized.
This was announced by Minister Arnald Guizzo after a meeting with President Mario Abdo Benítez, Minister of Health Julio Mazzoleni and Lichi Denis, Minister of Agriculture.

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This government group presented the advances in the regulatory process to grant licenses for the controlled production of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp.
“Today it is stipulated to hand over licenses to five companies that can produce up to five hectares; we are in process, all the institutions in charge elaborated their budgets and control protocols.”

The regulation “incorporates some control and security budgets that must be included in the presentations and requests for licenses from companies.”

According to the representatives, the state institutions will have to take complete control from sowing to harvest to guarantee sanitary control.

“Also from the point of view of what affects Public Health we understand that the law contemplates the granting of a percentage of these products for the sick, through the Ministry of Health. Then we really understand that it is a situation that we must carry forward for the good of the country, “explained Mazzoleni.

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