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The therapeutic use of cannabis improves cognitive performance



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A research conducted by scientists of the McLean Hospital in Belmont, United States, determined that cannabis improves cognitive performance.

These patients were analyzed with the aim of dealing with an issue that has been little touched: the drastic increase in the use of medicinal cannabis in North America.

After three months of being consumed, patients reported an increase in work performance accompanied by changes in the activation of cerebral patterns within the cingulate cortex and the frontal regions.

“Interestingly, after being treated with cannabis, the activation of the patterns seemed more similar to those obtained by healthy controls from previous studies. This suggests a potential normalization of brain functioning, “the study notes.

This means that the therapeutic use of cannabis in patients behaves with respect to other uses, while it has been shown that forms of chronic consumption rather decrease brain performance.

The researchers reported that patients presented improvements in their clinical status and health-related aspects. There is also a notable drop in the use of prescription drugs, particularly opioids and benzodiazepines after 3 months of treatment.

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