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The University of Buenos Aires prepares to grow cannabis

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The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) has joined the wave of Argentine universities that grow cannabis for scientific purposes.  

The UBA will coordinate from the Institute of Chemistry and Drug Metabolism (Iquimefa) a   cultivo small-scale crop for research. “It will be a small, scientific and experimental crop,” said Catalina van Baren to Revista THC.  

 For the director, the research department must have raw materials to be able to carry out its research in the neurological field.

“They will be high strains in CBD that will have an experimental and scientific use for the treatment of refractory epilepsy.”

A year ago, the Alberto C Institute. Taquini became a monitoring center for patients with epilepsy and cannabidiol. The   farming process  lasted  about  a  year until the  Ministry  of  Health  approved  the  project..

 This project named “Cannabis Sativa” also intends to establish a health protocol for the  use of medicinal cannabis. To do this, he plans to have a laboratory specialized in chemical analysis and quality control.

Other universities that have started growing cannabis are Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Universidad de la Plata.

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