The use of cannabis is associated with a significant reduction in the onset of diabetes

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Researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque used a software application for the first time to measure which characteristics of the raw cannabis flower are associated with changes in insomnia.

The use of cannabis flowers in people affected by insomnia helped to reduce the disorder and facilitate sleep in each of them. But researchers from the United States associate this improvement with the type of therapeutic effects of some classes of cannabis genetics studied.

The sample of 409 patients completed 1056 medical cannabis administration sessions where each of them cataloged the severity of their insomnia before and after the sessions.

“The administration of medicinal cannabis measured the before and after, as well as, the side effects, characteristics of the product including the method of combustion, types of cannabis and contents of cannabinoids,” says the research.

Within the results it was found that the use of pipes and vaporizers are associated with greater relaxation and more positive effects when compared to cannabis cigarettes. Vaporizing did not report side effects.

“Although cannabidiol (CBD) was statistically associated with greater relief than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but cannabinoid levels were not related to different results at a general level,” says the methodological table.

The conclusions state that medicinal flowers / buds of cannabis are associated with significant improvements in the profiles studied.

“Patients reported different types of effectiveness and side effects such as euphoria, depend on the characteristics of the flowers,” the study concludes.


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