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These are the winning genetics of the “Encuentro de Culturas 2019”


This Sunday, the second edition of the Encuentro de Culturas 2019 was held, an event that aims to celebrate Costa Rican cultural diversity and the cannabis plant.

Although groups linked to the judicial system try to end the civil movement for the release of this medicinal plant, the event took place and demonstrates the growing interest of the population for real information, community and a healthy lifestyle.

With conferences about legality, culture, music and healthy food, the activity was held with more than 300 people. In addition, some legal ventures that can generate economic recovery in the country were presented.

It is already known that the Costa Rican State and its public officials are experiencing the worst crisis of the Second Republic. Because of this, a new generation of young people seeks the development of science, art, technology and medicine from medicinal plants such as cannabis.

Strawberry Diesel by MadScientist

“This year, we carried out the event despite the state persecution of cannabis cultivation. This edition is dedicated to Mario Cerdas who was again unjustly apprehended while the true drug dealers and corrupt do not go to jail,” said one of the organizers whose name we will not mention in this article for security reasons.

We present the winning genetics of the Encuentro de Culturas 2019:

Indoor Category:

  1. Sample # 8. GreenLabs: Blueberry.
  2. Sample # 6. MadScientist: Ninja Fruit.
  3. Sample # 2. MadScientist: Strawberry Diesel

Outdoor cultivation category:

  1. Sample. Two Mountaineers: Sticky Forest.
  2. Sample 1. Fabián Quiróz: Northern Lights.
  3. Sample # 5. Fabián Quiróz: Blue Dream

Extracts Category:

  1. MadScientist: Lemon Butter Live Rosin.





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