These are the winning strains of the First Costa Rica Cannabis Cup

The private event held somewhere in San Jose, brought together more than 450 people in an unprecedented event in the history of Central America.
May 14, 2018

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This April 29 was the expected "First Cannabis Cup of Costa Rica" and MCN obtained the exclusive. The private event held somewhere in San Jose, brought together more than 450 people in an unprecedented event in the history of Central America.

The organizers offered attendees an interesting range of options ranging from clothing stores, art, information booths, as well as a series of ventures and local food. The activity that was organized by El Grow  and Delicious Seeds, had a panel of national and international experts who were tasked to make the tasting to determine the best flowers and concentrates in the country.

In spite of the reserves of the growers and producers for participating, the organization received 15 samples that were awarded according to quality, flavor and aroma. These were the awarded ones:

- 1st place: Sour diesel

-2 'flower place: Double bubba cbd

-3rd place: Critical Mass.

The competition of concentrates with solvent (butane, only) was awarded with two first places this time, in addition to the rosin, which won the first category "without solvents". Next the winners:

- 1st place: Super lemon haze

- 2nd place: Houchie Kushy kush.

- 3rd place: concentrates. Rosin

The judges highlighted the quality of the samples obtained and, in the end, the leftovers were given to each participant. One of the winning genetics was a CBD genetics, which demonstrates the movement's commitment to treat patients with different types of remedies.

"We want to encourage them to lose the fear of talking about the subject in their homes." Many things can be done: teach someone who needs it, adopt a patient, but let's also be respectful with others, see you next year, "he said. , with a final speech, Manuel Alvarado from El Grow.


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This post is also available in: Español

Escrito por: Daniel Gomez
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La compresión es la clave del amor verdadero. #MCNQuotes. 🌷 ...

Pacientes que sufran de dolores crónicos, espasmos cerebrales y esclerosis múltiple no tendrán que pagar por esta medicina. #Italia #cannabis #canapa 🇮🇹
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#MCNCatalogue: La #RemoChemo es una planta de fisionomía indica, alta en THC con grandes promesa para tratar el dolor. En su floración torna las inflorescencias en tonalidades púrpura, a veces hasta negros hacia el final de la floración. 💐
La genética si bien no es muy voluminosa, concentra al menos una quincena de terpenos predominantes. No obstante, mantiene el olor clásico del #KushValley, pimentoso, "gazy" con unos tonos de mirceno. 🏜
🧬 #UrbanChemo x #Bubbakush

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