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This Liverwort could be an effective therapeutic treatment thanks to its similarities with cannabis



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  • In Costa Rica, New Zealand and Japan scientists are interested in studying this plant for its similarities to cannabis.

The radula, a plant that belongs to the Radulaceae family, is drawing the attention of the scientific community due to its medicinal effects. At present there are about 300 species known.

Due to their similarities with the chain of “cannabinoid” compounds, a group of scientists from the University of Bern and Zurich in Switzerland have already tested for a psychoactive component similar to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) called perrottetineno, which they analyzed in mice.

According to the scientists, this compound is a kind of variant of THC, which although the radula is not part of the “cannabis sativa” family, is similar to the cannabinoid.

“(Compared to marijuana,) they differ in terms of potency and possibly adverse effects,” said biochemist Jürg Gertsch, co-author of the study in an interview with the BBC.

Discovery occurred in 1994

According to the information consulted by MCN, scientists know since 1994 that the radula contains those similarities or variants of THC. But today, with the acceptance of this plant increasingly wide in the world, scientists have dared to investigate it.

On this occasion the Swiss researchers were interested in analyzing this substance because it is known that there is an increasing recreational use and wanted to better understand what it produces in the body.

The research released this week analyzed the effects of the substance in 44 points of the central nervous system. Thus it was concluded not only that the same as THC can accumulate in the brain, but also, because of this feature could have analgesic effects.

But in addition, it could cause catalepsy and hypothermia.

“Probably, the recreational effects are less strong (than those provided by cannabis), but the radula may offer a greater opportunity for medicinal applications.”

The researchers concluded that although more research is needed, the radula could be used for medicinal purposes.

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