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This university is now offering cannabis degrees

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The department of chemistry of the University of Northern Michigan in the United States has just launched a specialization program in cannabis cultivation.

The expertise offered by this type of careers covers the fields of chemistry, botany, finance and marketing.

This type of work is part of the new industrial and specialization era that the legal industry has brought with it. In places like California, a laboratory chemist can charge up to $ 200 per hour.

According to the university professors, this type of career could generate annually around $ 70,000 concluded the specialization. Brandon Canfield, professor of chemistry at the university, says it all started because after attending a cannabis industry conference he realized that there was an urgent need to measure the quality of the products.

“We are taking a rapid step forward to enter the industry,” he told AP.

The title that will be accredited by this activity that lasts about 4 years has attracted students from 48 states, according to Canfield. However, it will not be responsible for the cultivation, but rather to measure and know how to differentiate the quality of the extracts.

The truth is that many universities have begun to offer various types of specialization from the judicial, administrative, horticultural and accounting with the aim of professionalizing this industry.

Such has been the case of the University of Dakota and the University of Colorado, Denver University State, Harvard, Ohio State University and more recently, New York that is in the process of cannabis regulation at recreational level.

As the States have begun to legalize, until now 33 for medicinal use and 10 for adult use, the industry still lacks data and necessary specialization that attracts researchers.

This year, FarmBill was signed by President Donald Trump in which the use of industrial hemp is legalized, which will generate more jobs in that country.

Arcview Market Research, which focuses on the cannabis industry, has said that the industry could generate around 467,000 jobs in 2022.

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