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United States legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp



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The famous American activist Jack Herer once said: “I do not know if hemp will save the world, but it is the only thing that can do it.”

After 40 years, his books are no longer ‘conspiracy theories’, and the US Congress has just passed a law to legalize industrial hemp.

It is an agricultural law known as Farm Bill 2018 and contains the agricultural production route for the next decade.
Among the topics, the possibility of farmers to grow industrial hemp and produce products with CBD, a non-psychoactive component, which during recent years has gained great popularity for its therapeutic uses, stands out.

To do so, starting in 2019, the Law Enforcement Agency  (DEA) would eliminate hemp from list I controlled substances, and with it, the federal prohibition.

Currently, cannabis and this variety known as hemp, belonged to the category of substances without any medicinal property and was considered as addictive as heroin.

Against the female plants, whose resin contains innumerable therapeutic properties, the federal law will still rule, while more than half of the United States has legalized its medicinal production.

The free cultivation of hemp can help the community of farmers who have not been able to resist the harsh regulatory controls of the States that have taken the regulatory route.

The Farm Bill 2018 is a program package that is estimated to also touch issues related to production, international treaties, rural development, science, taxes and environmental conservation. It is estimated that it will have a value of $ 876 billion dollars in ten years.



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President Donald Trump will sign the initiative that was delivered by the Senate in the coming days.

Regarding the cultivation of hemp, the law prohibits the domestic cultivation of the plant, but leaves the state possibility of control over the issue and about the distribution and production of products with CBD.

Hemp is one of the first crops domesticated by humans and has been used for centuries until in 1937, the United States began the war against this good.

In modern times, it is grown in European countries and some Americans. From this crop can produce hundreds of goods such as fiber, building blocks, textiles, rope and even bio-diesel.

From now on, the US enters the global competition for the development of an industry that in other countries is already at the forefront.

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