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Uruguay will issue 3 new production licenses due high demand for legal cannabis

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The Institute of Cannabis Regulation (IRCCA) could specify this week the issuance of three licenses for the production of medical psychoactive cannabis for sale in pharmacies.

This is the government’s response to the increase in legal cannabis demand since its authorization and controlled dispensation.

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These companies will be placed in the same place where the other two companies operate.

According to government data, 36876 users are registered to acquire the 17 licensed pharmacies. Currently, two companies that are responsible for production and supply.

The three new licenses were offered by tender and will be granted for a period of 5 years to produce and distribute 2 tons per year per company according to the rules of the board of directors.

Once this process has been completed, the IRCCA will request a report from the secretariat to justify funds under current anti-money laundering regulations. Once this process has been reviewed, the companies will be granted the permit.

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