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US: 75% raise on medicinal cannabis use in older adults

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US: 75% raise on medicinal cannabis use in older adults

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More and more American older adults want to try cannabis for health issues.

A report published at the end of February in Jama International Medicine shows that the number of adults over the age of 65 using cannabis doubled between 2015 and 2018.

The 2015 available data estimated that it was 2.4% while in 2018 4.2%. This is an increase of 75% according to the researchers.

The increase has been analyzed as a response to change of perception around cannabis in the past years.

“We do not think that this increase is due to legalization, rather, it could be associated with social acceptance of this group of people.”, commented author Joseph Patsea an associate professor at New York University Lincoln Medical.

According to the results, there’s more awareness about the health properties of cannabis in this group of people.

“I know that many of the elderly people are hearing more and more about potential medical uses and many people no longer have a problem trying it.”

For this new study, Palamar and her colleagues collected information from the National Survey on the Drug use and health” in adults 65 or older.

This information related with at least the review of 15000 data and responses of which 55% were men.

Overall, researchers saw an increase in cannabis use among women in educated populations.

“We noticed an increase in cannabis use among people of any social and ethnic group.”

Our grandparents and grandmothers want to know more about genetics, dosages and whether they can benefit from THC or CBD. people are interested in knowing how cannabis can help the disease.

For example, use in diabetic people increased by 180% in the period studied,  there was a 96% increase in people with chronic diseases,,  finally 150% during the period among those receiving mental health treatments..

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