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USA: Trump calls for death penalty for convicted drug dealers

Donald Trump took as an example various countries questioned by the lack of guarantees to human rights


Last Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed his support for incorporating the death penalty as a possible sanction for those who traffic drugs in the US territory.

“The sanctions should be very, very severe. If you look at countries around the world, those who don’t have a drug problem are the ones who institute a death penalty in a very quick trial for drug dealers,” Trump said at the America First Policy Institute.

“Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But you know what? Those are the ones who don’t have any problems. He hasn’t been in court for 15 years. It’s going fast, and you absolutely: execute a drug dealer and save 500 lives,” Trump continued.

To take into account, some of the countries that punish with death or life imprisonment for drug trafficking belong mainly to Southeast Asia or the Middle East, which have religious and political positions criticized by human rights organizations around the world.

These statements came in the middle of a speech in which Trump showed his vision to take broader measures and on different issues that concern citizen security. In addition, he alluded to the cases of attacks on civilians in Philadelphia Washington D.C. to strengthen his argument.

The manifestation of these ideas adds to a series of controversial decisions that Trump has made, among which is support for the seizure of the Capitol in 2021 and a scandal for stealing classified documents. This has generated legal problems for the former president so on August 9 his home, in Florida, was raided by the FBI.





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