USDA releases new guidelines for hemp cultivation

Measure defines up to 0.3% as THC levels


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has just published the new regulations for hemp cultivation and they will take effect on March 22.

This measure will replace regulations published in October 2019 as farmers say they were insufficient to ensure crop prosperity. The producer organization led the USDA to change the guidelines.

“With the publication of this final rule, the USDA ends a comprehensive and transparent rule-making process that began with a hemp listening session in March 2019,” Greg Ibach,  USDA’s Undersecretary of Marketing and Regulatory Programs,   said in a statement.

The 300-page document sets out the regulations and structure related to the integration of chain processes. It lays down licensing requirements, tetrahydrocannabinol testing procedures (THC), monitoring and procedures for discarding crops that do not comply with the regulations.

“USDA staff have taken the information you have provided through three comment periods and their experiences during a growing season to develop regulations that comply with Congressional intent while providing a fair, consistent, science-based process for individual states, tribes, and producers. USDA staff will continue to conduct education and outreach to help the industry achieve compliance.”

THC levels remain at 0.3% despite being counterproductive to production, according to industry organizations. The most important changes established in the periods of consulta are:

  1. Mayor standard negligence from 0.5% to 1% THC. This means hemp that tests above 1% THC will not be considered a negligent violation, but will still need to be removed or repaired.
  2. Orptions for the removal or correction of hemp that tests above the compatible THC level.
  3. Anextended harvest window time from 15 days to 30;

These regulations will take effect or may be revoked by the incoming administration to power in the United States. He’ll be the next president if he decides to reform or continue it. However, Larry Farnsworth, spokesperson for the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC)

“We anticipate, as is customary of the new administrations, that this rule will be one of many that will be frozen on the first day of Biden’s Administration. We look forward to working through these issues with Biden’s incoming administration and have all this year to do so just before the 2014 authorities’ sunset.”





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