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Where to get legal CBD in Costa Rica

These are the stores where you can buy CBD in Costa Rica


For about a year, Costa Rica has gone on to venture into a market where cannabidiol (CBD), a natural molecule of hemp, is legal and can be purchased as a food supplement around the entire country.

We’re not talking about people who bring products in their suitcase and sell them as the new fashion product. But we are talking here about serious brands with products that have been registered by the Ministry of Health and, therefore, have entered the distribution chains of pharmacies, supermarkets, macrobiotics, and different points of sale.

CBD as such has antioxidant, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory properties, among others. It serves both for nutritional use and in some cases could contribute to the treatment of some diseases.

The first trademark brand registered and made in the country is called Osmosis CBD. According to experts, it was also the first to be marketed in pharmacies and macrobiotics as an over-the-counter product. This has given a great opening since people have access to buy products from regulated sources and with high health standards.

Its products combine in addition to CBD extract other natural components such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, mandarin, cherry, bay leaf, lavender, strawberry, terpenes in combination with vegetable oils.

Other legal trademarks of U.S. origin have also been registered.

In general, CBD is an antioxidant whose value makes it a component that must be taken advantage of by societies. On this statement the World Health Organization (WHO) agrees.

There are groups in society that claim that CBD should be sold only by prescription. However, we know that its nutritional value is important since it can contribute to the regulation of different internal processes of the body.

That people in Costa Rica have legal access to this natural option so novel worldwide puts us at the forefront of the issue and will undoubtedly increase the quality of life of people who have seen positive results when using this type of components extracted from cannabis.

Where can YOU find CBD in Costa Rica?

Note: This is not the totality of all points of sale. It is a guide to understanding where they could be found.

The Void Hemp Store

The store located in Sabana Norte, San José is the first legal CBD dispensary in Central America, in addition to being a hemp clothing store with a vegan coffee.


GNC has joined the expansion of CBD being one of the first stores that seeks to specialize in this subject. Its target audience of athletes and people in search of natural supplements makes it a perfect point for these purposes.


Currently, CBD is found in pharmacies across the country. Among the most important, Cofasa Group, CV Farma, Farmacias La Económica, Farmacia JSM, Farmacia Saba, Farmacias PriceSmart, FarmaValue, and many others.

Green Stores

These types of health food stores have also joined the sale of products with CBD. Some of them are Macrobiotics Natural Universe, Natural Botica Macrobiotics, Athens Macrobiotics, Fabiola Macrobiotics, La Herediana, Mundo Sano, Salamalekou, Natural Miramar, Natural Life, Eccos, Estar bien, La Central, among others.


The Blue Zone Stores and Stores of the Café Britt Company, have shelves where you can get CBD either to take away from Costa Rica or when returning to the country.

Other stores

Costa Rasta

This store has supported the cannabis culture in Costa Rica for years. Today they have joined the sale of legal products with CBD. Its stores are in San Pedro, Alajuela, and Heredia.

Santo Cero

A conscious consumption store where they offer you different natural products of all kinds. They have also successfully joined the sale of CBD.





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