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Zimbabwe allows the medicinal use of cannabis

For the first time, the use of CBD in medicines is allowed in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe’s Medicines Control Authority announced on July 18 that hemp is now an option as a supplement to medicines given to patients in this southern African country.

The decision was made when it was in a complicated economic situation because the demand for tobacco has reduced drastically. This is the main agricultural product.

By contrast, hemp and cannabis is a rising market, and until the previous July, completely illegal Now the authorities have decided to open space to a product that, although it continues to be strictly regulated, is beginning to be seen with more interest.

“Cannabis for medicinal purposes has “immense potential” to generate export receipts and tax revenues”, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said.

According to Zimbabwe’s Treasury Department, this approval will stimulate growth in a sector in which the country has the potential to produce $1250 million a year.

In addition to the potential that the CBD and cannabis industry has in the global economy, its medicinal benefits are numerous. Currently the regulatory body of the nation in southern Africa is already accepting new applications for the management and use of the plant.





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