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Zoila Volio: “Hemp and medicinal cannabis should go together”

Congresswoman wants to include both types of uses cannabis in the law


Congresswoman Zoila Volio will try to get her initiative to regulate the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industry approved in the coming months.

The file 21,315 known as the Law on the Production of Cannabis and Hemp for Medicinal Purposes  has just been assigned to the Environment Commission composed of  Paola Vega (PAC), Paola Valladares (PLN), José María Villa Karine Niño (PLN), Luis Fernando Chacón (PLN), Giovanni Gómez (PRC), Mario Castillo (PAC) and Mileidy Alvarado (PRN) and Erwen Masís (PUSC).

“This afternoon the Committee on the Environment was created, where file No. 21.388 is currently being discussed for the industrial production of hemp and medicinal cannabis. I trust the work of the fellow members, now that they will be resuming sessions, so that this important project is finally being promoted.” said Volio, through social networks.

Villalta’s office recently presented a replacement text, with improvements to the original project. Volio stated that”the base text is the current one, but the replacement presents an improved proposal, which we hope will be approved in the Committee on the Environment”.

This “substitute text” would give smallholder farmers the opportunity to develop crops with access to programs such as Development Banking, as well as incentives for organic farming.

In the medicinal field, patients could access cannabinoid-based drugs through the national health system or opt for domestic cultivation.

Zolio has pointed out  the need to generate new crops that modernize the Costa Rican agricultural industry. For her, not only hemp must be boosted, but also the production of medicinal cannabis.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, announced on May 4 that his government would promote the cultivation of hemp as the aim of modernizing the productive sector.

Foto: Semanario Universidad.

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