Hemp could prevent massive death of bees

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Current air and soil pollution prevents bees, the most important pollinator for agriculture, from finding pollen in flowers.

A group of researchers in Colorado found that industrial hemp flowers (cannabis sativa L.) have the ability to attract bees. Its cause: its high pollen production.

“The harvest time in northern Colorado, where we did the study, occurs from the end of July until the end of September. This period coincides with the shortage of pollen in friendly crops in the region which makes hemp flowers attractive to bees in search of food, ”says the report published in BioMass and Bioenergy.

The researchers presented a documentation of the diversity of bees that the field was found during the hemp flowering process.

“A total of 23 different bee genera were collected among which, the European bee and apis mellifera were the most abundant, followed by Melissode at 25% and Peponapis at 16%.

The conclusion reached by the research “Bee diversity and abundance on flowers of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)” concludes that although the variety does not produce any nectar, its pollen production is a valuable organic crop.

Read full study: http://bit.ly/37yXN5Z

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