More than 500 people marched to free the cannabis plant in Costa Rica

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On a historic afternoon for Costa Rican democracy, more than 500 people marched to protect the therapeutic autoculture.

The activity that began to warm up from 1pm on Saturday in the Morazán Park, in San José, had municipal permits and the supervision of the security authorities.

The objective of the activity was to raise awareness about people who use cannabis as a therapeutic form through personal cultivation.

“The self-cultivation of this plant has allowed us to change our lives, it is time for journalists, lawyers, doctors and authorities to report truthfully” expressed Marielos of the Costa Rica Cultivation organization in front of hundreds of people.

During the afternoon, children, adults, young people and entire families were happy to be able to express themselves freely. Each one carried banners with clear messages about the situation in the country.

“We want the health ministry to take into account the national companies in order to generate national wealth, we do not need the import, here is the knowledge” said Joaquín Flores, citizen present in the activity.

Some media have said that patients had not been present, however, the photographs published in different media demonstrate otherwise.

At least a score of men and women led the march that began at 4:20 to the Plaza de la Democracia. On the streets people stopped to look and photograph the historic activity.

Upon arriving at the Plaza de la Democracia some exponents took the microphone to talk about the psychotropic law and the political constitution. The activists urged those present to take education and educate the authorities whose strategy continues to have fear as a protagonist.

José Andrés Araya collaborated

Foto: Andrés Araya

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