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Legalization of medicinal cannabis reduces the prescription of opioids



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Safe access to medical cannabis in the United States has reduced the use and prescriptions of opiates. This is confirmed by two studies recently published in the journal JAMA International Medicine.

The first was conducted at the University of Kentucky and Emory University where they studied the relationship between the implementation of new laws on cannabis and the prescription of opiates in patients who were enrolled in a federal aid program to improve access to medicines in people with low resources, called Medicaid.

«The state implementation of marijuana laws for medical use was associated with a 5.88% lower rate of opiate prescription. In addition, the implementation of laws on the use of marijuana for adults in different states was associated with a 6.38% lower rate of opiate prescription, «states the study.

The second study that received a lot of attention from the medical community was the one that was recently conducted at the University of Georgia. The association between state medical cannabis laws and prescriptions was discussed in the same way in the Medicare program.

Between 2015-2015, 23.08 million daily doses of opioids per year were provided on average under Medicare Part D. The relationship between the medical cannabis laws in the states and the prescription of opioids was a reduction of 3.742 million doses daily In states where home cultivation is authorized they saw a decrease of 1792 million daily doses.

«Medicinal cannabis laws are associated with significant reductions in opiate prescription in the Medicare Part D population. This discovery is particularly strong in the dispensary states, and for the reduction in hydrocodone and the prescription of morphine,» notes this. last study.

Consult the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29610897/

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