5 genetics that changed the history of cannabis in Costa Rica

Some of the most popular varieties in Costa Rica, according to our readers
June 5, 2020

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For several years, we have been collecting data on the different cannabis strains in the country. To this day, the #MCNCATALOGUE has collected around 40 types of cannabis flowers. This project aims to generate tools to could facilitate the research of this plant. 

Most current research focuses its attention on aspects like cannabis's use or the impact on drug trafficking, but very few, speak specifically about varieties.

As plant scholars, we have always been interested in understanding more in depth about the national cannabis culture. For this reason, through interviews and experience, we ask our readers about genetics that they consider legendary. Below are the results that emerged from that probe. 

Each of them revolutionary in its context.

Mango Rosa

In the country Mango Rosa is remembered with great affection. Many don't know it, but they've heard about her. Various sources claim that these genetics is genuinely Brazilian and that its name may be related to the fruit of a rosé mango harvested in the northeast of Brazil. The truth is that many remember it for its smell, taste, and tradition. 

San Miguelito

Popularized in the 70's, with similarities to the Red Point or Santa Marta Gold in Colombia, it is one of the few genetics that appears in some history books and local reports on the subject.

White Russian

Legendary genetics globally has also been a favorite in the country. Its international fame led its seeds to end in the first indoor crops around 2000’s with a great stable crop in 2012. In a way you could say that the Russian popularized the word "cripy".

Jamaican - High Grade

Too legendary to leave it out. This variety is possible the most consumed today. As it does not have controls it is very difficult to determine their differences and qualities. While it is not a genetic that is distinguished by its freshness, it is still generally the most popular.


Ten years ago, the "Cajeta" was the standard. Who agrees? The lack of home grown cultivation and repressive anti-cannabis laws made it somehow the most accessible. With seed and branches, the colloquially known as monkey poo has become part of the legendary list.

Which strain was missing? Let us know in the comments.

This post is also available in: Español

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#Editorial: En muchas zonas de alta pobreza rural, el cultivo de cannabis es el único medio de subsistencia. 👨‍🌾🧑‍🌾🍁
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Niños pasan de 100 a 0 convulsiones diarias gracias al cannabis medicinal.
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La agrupación costarricense @avantiluz reafirma su regreso con el nuevo videoclip y sencillo "Energía vital". El video forma parte del mensaje que envuelve la música y su nuevo trabajo audiovisual.
“Energía vital es para nosotros una especie de declaración del nuevo ciclo al que oficialmente entramos como productores y también como personas”, dijo Ioav Nisman, guitarrista e ingeniero de sonido de la banda.

#TB: "Con cannabis medicinal vivo mejor", entrevista a pacientes de Costa Rica Cultiva para la @marchacannabis. 🙏 ...

#MCNVIRALES: Cannabis es 114 veces menos tóxico que el alcohol. 🍷🥃
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