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Hypocrisy? : Evangelical Congressman , Abelino Esquivel , Public Enemy #1 of legalization accepted trip to Colorado USA to have meetings with Businessmen of Cannabis Industry.


It’s surprising that the Costa Rican Christian Congressman Abelino Esquivel has torpedoed all efforts of the Judicial Congress Committee to adopt the draft of the  medicinal cannabis and hemp law project (Project of law # 19256 ) and recently accepted take a trip to meet with businessmen and politicians of the Cannabis industry in Colorado, this confirmed by his press office .

Congressman Abelindo Esquivel , from the political party Christian Renovation  (PRC ) , agreed to travel to Denver, the US capital of cannabis, despite having blocked a project of this kind in congress ( AL) .

This contradiction can be analyzed by parts:

At a meeting held on April 5 , Congressman managed to stop the discussion that took place around the project interposing 1000 motions because according to aspects of form .

He alluded to that this law was a screen for foreign economic interests and still agreed to make the trip from 22 to 27 August .

Before the Congressman Esquivel left the country Monday , MCN tried to arrange an interview about the sudden change of position . However , his office rejected all kinds of questions and did not attend the phone calls.

For Congressman to interpose his  personal interests over those of the majority  has already been evident in his way of doing politics: qualifies as Horsemen of the Apocalypse , to the issue of climate change, in vitro fertilization as the gate of abortion and the law for medicinal cannabis as a part of the Combo of death against his idea of  Costa Rican family .

“I hope that knowing the cannabis industry in the United States, Mr. Esquivel changes his mind,” said the Congressman of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) and proposer of the  law Marvin Atencio, before his own trip that would  take him to Vegas and his wife to Colorado.

On April 5, 1000 the Congressman Esquivel filed 1000 motions to stop Proyect of law 19256.

It seems that in order  to withdraw the motions he has against cannabis legalization not depend not on his religious moralism, but a meeting with politicians and foreign businessmen.

But this is not the first time the Congresman Esquivel shows a double standard in the subject. In order to create an inclusive debate, local grassroots groups with significant impact on the subject, organized a series of conservatories in late June in which the Salvadoran Reverend Martin Diaz and former police of the city of New Jersey and cofounder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition LEAP, Jack Cole participated.

El 5 de abril, el diputado Esquivel interpuso 1000 mociones al proyecto 19256.
El 5 de abril, el diputado Esquivel interpuso 1000 mociones al proyecto 19256.

Esquivel did not accept meetings or interviews at that time, his office reported that it could not attend any of the activities that the deputy was out of the country.

On the other hand, his office recently announced the organization of a series of debates to expose the negative reasons, they say, would regulate medicinal cannabis in Costa Rica.

On these Forums the congressmanor his  office did not  offer any type of statements, to this press outlet.

On the journey that started Monday 22th August also involved the deputies Marco Vinicio Redondo, Lorelly Trejos of the National Liberation Party (PLN) and also Gerrald Murray self appointed activista and questioned leader  since his  lobbying with businessman  in Colorado,  may creates doubts as to his true intentons , this all done before the law is approved.

This media contacted the questioned leader to which his reply was

“I know nothing of who pays. Atencio contacted me once had the plane tickets and lodging for me to organize the visits, “said Murray.

What is the reason Congressman Esquivel refuses to participate in local discussions, but accepts meetings with businessmen in US?

Esquivel did not accept interviews at that time, his office reported that it could not attend any of the activities that the deputy was out of the country.





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