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Argentine justice revokes mother’s permission to grow cannabis for her son

The State argues that "it does not comply with good cultivation practices and demanded medicinal quality standards can have negative impacts for health"


Argentine federal court revoked a mother’s permission to grow cannabis for her 6-year-old son who suffers from a disease called Neurofibromatosis NF1 that was diagnosed in his first months of life.

After carrying out an accompaniment and a general claim that ended in an import law in 2017, the parents continued to have difficulty accessing cannabis-based products.

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That is why the Federal Court of Salta had authorized the mother “to cultivate 12 adult plants and 40 seedlings without sexual classification of cannabis in the reserved, private and private sphere of her home and for the exclusively medicinal use of her son“.

“It is an extremely serious fault. For many reasons, the fact that the trial and error exercise with different plants has given him an ality of health and this has been irreplaceable by drugs. “Says the president of RESET, Mariano Fusero

The Chamber assures that they do not have elements to know that if the oil has the technical capacity to perform the medicine that corresponds to your child.

The State argues that “it does not comply with good cultivation practices and demanded medicinal quality standards can have negative impacts for health

However, in the judicial file, the health and improvement of the son for the demand for self-cultivation was supported by three doctors, according to its defenders.

The approved law has left this group defenseless since the door was closed to them to access the self-cultivation in a recent debate in the congress, however, the legislator decided to maintain the prohibition indicated in the Narcotics Law 23 737.

The problem remains having multiple judicial backgrounds in which the camera may have failed in the interest of a child’s health.

“For us to understand the magnitude and seriousness of this, they are 15 years in prison for carrying out this exercise at present. It is the maximum penalty that a crime of rape can generate. This is what we are discussing, the punitive disproportion is very serious, “explains Fusero

The revocation of the authorization says that in effect, the family has a permit to access the medicines.

However, there is no possibility of importing since the National Administration of Medicines, Foods and Medical Technology (ANMAT), as of October 2016, issued a limited resolution on the importation of substances based on cannabis, therefore, there is no possibility of importing drugs that are not for refractory epilepsy and this is not the disease that the child suffers from.

If the mother continues to cultivate, she submits the mother to a dilemma. If you continue to do a 15-year test, you can do it and if you do not continue to do so, subject your child to a delay in their health. For now, there is nothing left but hiding a complex process that does not guarantee that the products will work for your child.





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