Cannabis against Leukemia: The positive result in a girl

Paulina Sánchez is the mother of Colomba Álvarez, a girl of five years and ten months,

Paulina Sánchez is the mother of Colomba Álvarez, a girl of five years and ten months, who is using palliatively cannabis against type B acute-lymphoblastic leukemia. She is subjected to chemotherapy that caused so much pain, so she decided to use cannabis as therapy .

The minor was subjected to a blood count that resulted in leukemia and then transferred to the Clinical Hospital of the Catholic University, where she was hospitalized for three weeks. “(In the first chemotherapies) I had a lot of bone pain, to the point of crying because I could not walk,” says her mother.

The beginning of cannabis against Leukemia

“At one point I was in a lot of pain, we started the treatment with marinated cannabis, a couple of minutes passed and she was happy with life,” says Paulina. It all started in 2016, when Colomba presented the first symptoms.

Between September and October 2017, Colomba presented severe stomach pains and lack of appetite, due to chemotherapy. The mother said that the girl had not eaten for days and, under the medical supervision of Dr. Cruz, they changed the macerate for cannabis resin against Leukemia: “In the minutes Colomba began to eat. To see her crying in pain, to see her laugh and calm. It really is priceless “commented Paulina.

The use of cannabis not only improved the quality of life of Colomba, but also that of her mother, since Paulina seeing her daughter with pain, her level of stress and emotional load was very hard, detailing that “when you live a disease So, you rub elbows with a lot of people, you see many children leave, you get attached and you suffer on par with other dads. I never thought I was going to live it, and to see it well, for me everything is fine. I can not have money, but seeing her well gives me the peace of mind to continue fighting and reach the goal. “

Because Paulina from her youth had a positive and close relationship to the cannabis plant, initiating palliative therapy with cannabis for her daughter was not a major problem:

“She managed information on cannabis; I did it with all the faith in the world and the changes were impressive, something wonderful. “

Sanchez explains that “the change was impressive from the beginning”. Under the supervision of Dr. Diego Cruz they decided to use cannabis resin and his mother comments that “to see her crying in pain, to see her laugh and calm down. It really is priceless. ” At present, Colomba receives one chemotherapy per month, 14 tablets of methotrexate every Friday and macerated cannabis as adjuvant therapy

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