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Cannabis is 30 times more potent than aspirin

Flavinoids are the new great discovery in cannabis-based medicine.


  • Flavinoids are the new great discovery in cannabis-based medicine.

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada discovered that cannabis can offer strong pain relief.

According to research published in different media in Canada and the United States, cannabis could be up to 30 times stronger in reducing inflammation and pain than Aspirin itself.

This finding has attracted media attention in the United States and Canada as both countries are currently facing a series of overdose crises by the so-called painkillers.

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Cannabis could help alleviate this crisis but also be effective for these types of treatments.

Researchers have found this potential at a molecular level.

Researchers led by Professor Tariq Akhtar with Steven Rothstein of the molecular department of cell biology (MCB) combined biochemistry and genomics.

Through this approach, the team discovered that cannabis creates two types of molecules: cannflavin A, and cannflavin B also known as flavinoids.

These flavonoids are carefully responsible for giving the anti-inflammatory effect that, according to the analysis, is 30 times higher than regular pharmacy Aspirin.

“Our goal was to understand in a clearer way how these molecules interact. In this way you can gather molecules for a specific objective such as cannflavins A and B.” Akhtar said.

New natural option for chronic pain

Currently, people suffering from severe painful conditions have the only reliable option opioids whose functioning is based on the blockade of receptors that produce pain signals in the brain. However, there are numerous side effects such as tolerance, high dependence and even overdose in some cases.

The group of researchers states that it is “exciting and rewarding to have discovered a potential new aid to the treatment of pain.

Actually both are working with a Toronto-based company to develop new natural formulations that can be effective for pain.





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